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Swimwear Care

Sunscreen, lotions, chlorine, body oils, sun, sand and salt water are just a few of the harsh elements your swimsuit faces on a regular basis. The fabrics that make up your Gala Maar are made to withstand up to 50% longer than your average swimsuit but there are still some key things you should be doing to get the most out of your favorite suit.

First and maybe not the most obvious is; switch em’ up! The elastane fiber that gives your suit its stretch and memory needs time to relax in between uses so that the fibers can recover. Alternating your swimwear is one easy way to give your suit a prolonged life.

For the love of Game of Thrones do not machine-wash your Gala Maar. The agitation of the machine is bad news for the fibers, straps and components of your suit. Instead, opt for a hand wash with cold or lukewarm water using mild soap for your body or delicate garments and soak for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Always wash your suits separate and lay flat in the shade to dry. Even if you didn’t take a dip it's best to wash as body oils can break down the stretch fibers overtime. Never iron, dry clean or put your Gala Maar in the dryer.